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Are you ready to

Unlock your Inner Power?

Is that YOU?


My ideal clients are women who are looking for ways to strengthen their Spiritual connection and TRUST their Intuition abilities so they can awaken their Inner Wisdom and become their own healers.

Women who are tired of living lives that are not theirs, feeling depressed and lost because of their deep internal conflicts between the lives they are living and the one they WISHED they lived.

Women who are looking for ways to live in authenticity, discover, love and honor who they really are and start living by their OWN standards.

Women who are tired of hiding their true thoughts, emotions, and DESIRES for fear of not being loved or accepted by others.

My ideal clients' souls are ready to fulfill their PURPOSE.

Because they know stepping into their own power is their BIRTHRIGHT.

Hi, I'm Patricia Yiu. I am an Intuitive Healer, Certified Yoga Teacher, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Akashic Records Reader, Life Coach, and a Money, Abundance and Prosperity Master Activator.


I'm a powerful Channeler, being able to receive clear instructions from Spirit in order to help other women reconnect to and realign with their life’s Purpose by living more connected lives and by honoring who they truly are.


Click below to read about how I CHOSE to stop being a victim from my childhood trauma, found my gift and started living from a place of total honoring of who I really am.