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Discover how to access the Wisdom of your Soul 

How would having CLARITY help your personal life and business?

Would you like to receive specific GUIDANCE from your Spiritual Masters on your next steps?


How would you like to live in more FLOW and less struggle?

How would you like to live a life in more ALIGNMENT with your Purpose?

If you've hit a breaking point in your life where...


* you are not satisfied with your job;

* you are an entrepreneur and are feeling stuck in your business;

* you are tired of being in a soul-crushing relationship;

* you are not happy with your life;

* you would like to live a more Purposeful life;

* you can't remember the last time you felt like yourself;

* you just know something has to change but, have no idea where to start; 


I know EXACTLY how you feel.

   Hi, I'm Patricia Yiu and, I was once feeling lost and completely in the dark for almost 3 years, until I hit rock bottom. I woke up one day and decided that I could not live like that any longer. You can read more about my story here.


   Deep inside of me, I knew there was something more, that there had to be a way for me to feel connected to my Higher Purpose and live a fulfilled life.


   That's when I became a Yoga Teacher and started my journey of self-discovery.

   My desire for helping myself and others lead me to become a Reconnective Healing Practitioner and Akashic Records Reader, Empowerment Coach, Author, and a Bach Flower Remedies Specialist.


   As a result of my work, I have been helping women for almost 5 years now, find their way back to themselves, honoring who they really are, and living lives in alignment with their own Purpose.

*  *  *


Here's how you get the CLARITY and

DIRECTION that you need:


By accessing your Akashic Records, you will have the ability to have the answers that you've been searching for, in your personal life about:

* what should I do next?

* what's keeping me stuck?

* what are the 3 next steps I need to take to live a life that is aligned with my Purpose?

* how am I on my own way to achieving what I want?


Besides that...

* my clients often recover their gifts and abilities from a previous life;

* they heal and recover parts of their soul that are missing so they can start living at their fullest potential;

* they receive guidance on how to become more of who they really are and so much more.



If you are an entrepreneur and, are looking for answers to help your business, we can access the wisdom of your Business Masters and help you get clarity on...


* how to reach more clients?


* what new skill do I need to acquire?


* do I have any money/prosperity blocks that are on my way?


* how do Irun my business with more flow and less struggle?


* what is the quickest step to bring me more business, etc. etc.


*  *  *


What exactly are the Akashic Records?










Some people refer to the Akashic Records as a huge library where all the thoughts, feelings, and experiences are stored from the moment of the creation of your Soul. 


  It's your database, where you can pull any information you need in order to realign yourself with your Purpose for this lifetime.


 During your Akashic Reading Session, from the comfort of your home, I will get connected to your Spiritual Guides and Masters to Channel the information you NEED and is READY to receive to get into alignment with your Soul's Purpose for this lifetime, pretty cool, huh? 


 You will experience a deep connection with your Higher Self and Intuition to have the strength to step into the Life that YOU were meant to be living.



*   *   *

What is my investment?


     A single session costs $133 and it lasts appr. 1 hour and you will get the recording by email.







*   *   *

Patricia, I'm afraid the session is not in agreement

with my Religious beliefs. 



That's fine, I totally get you but, the main reason for this session is for you to get realigned with your Soul's Purpose and to have more clarity on how to get your life on track again, coming from the perspective of your Spiritual Guides, no matter how you choose to call them. 


     Think of this experience as a friend that is floating over your life, having the full view of where you have been, where you are and where you are capable of going, does that make sense?










What should I expect from my session?


     Every reading is different. From my own practice, I find that the more open you are to receive the messages that are coming, the more accepting you will become with the information you get and you will enjoy your session a lot more.


     Remember, I am only the messenger, in the trust that, not only you will receive exactly what you need but also, what is in the best interest of everybody involved for your own Spiritual Expansion and Alignment.


*  *  *


Patricia, I can't wait to have my session and have the clarity I need to move forward already! What do I do now?



   1. Pay for your Session below:








     2. After our payment, you will be automatically directed to the Scheduling Page to secure your spot.

          If you get stuck or have any questions, you can always shoot me a Private Message or email here



*   *   *


Do I need to get ready?


     Just make sure you are in a place where you won't be disturbed during our time together.

     I highly recommend the use of earbuds/headphones so we can have a clearer call.

     As our call will be recorded, you can relax and enjoy the ride and not worry about making notes. After your session is done, I will send you your recording so you can download it to your computer and listen to it as many times as you want.



*   *   *


Do you have any questions or concerns?

Please send me an email  here  


*   *   *


In honor of this incredible gift that allows others to rediscover and honor who they truly are.

Many blessings to you,


Patricia Yiu

And, if by any reason you are not satisfied with your session within 30 days, I'll give you a full refund, you have my word.