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How are you feeling right now?
Stressed out with work?
Overwhelmed with a million things to do?
Discontent with your job but, without a clear direction?
Feeling like you are drowning in your never-ending thoughts about the past and worries about the future?
Or maybe you can't put your finger on it but, you just know that something is not right, because you don't feel like yourself?
Are you looking for a natural, fast and easy way
to balance your emotions?
Then, you came to the right place.

Imagine if you could have a personalized combination of a natural aid to help you...


* deal with your feelings right now, so you don't get frustrated for saying things that you shouldn't have?

* be more kind to yourself, so you can put yourself first without feeling guilty?

* manage your anxiety and stress, so you finally find peace of mind?

* be more present in the now so, your mind it's not thinking about the past and wondering about the future?

* boost your confidence so you can finally have the courage to stand up for what you believe in?

* forgive the past, so you can move forward and lift up that heavy weight that you've been carrying on your chest?

How would you feel if you lived your life with more authenticity, following your dreams and becoming free of the opinions and expectations of others?

Pretty awesome, huh?

Well, that reality is just a few drops away

Have you heard of the Bach Flower Remedies?

Let me tell you what they are and why they are so powerful in helping us manage our emotions and become more of who we are.

The Bach Flower Remedies were discovered by Dr.Bach, when he was looking for an alternative way to help his clients deal with their feelings in a more subtle way.

Guided by his intuition, he discovered the power of these Flower Essences and found out that each was aimed at a particular mental state or emotion.

He found that when he treated the personalities and feelings of his patients their unhappiness and physical distress would be alleviated naturally as the healing potential in their bodies was unblocked and allowed to work once more.

As for me, as a Flower Therapist, I also rely on the power of my Intuition and Spiritual Guides to help me make the Flower Combinations that best suit my clients, being able to uncover and address the real cause of their emotional imbalance so, that's why they have such amazing results.

By the way, I'm Patricia Yiu, an Intuitive Healer with many years of experience and knowledge under my belt ( you can read more about my journey here) , who became more interested in the Bach Flower Remedies in the hope of helping my son with his stutter.

I knew that the stutter was only a symptom of his anxious and worried state of mind and I also knew that there had to be a way for me to help him become more confident in himself when he communicated with other people.

That's when I stumble upon the Remedies, became a Flower Therapist and prepared his bottle, seeing amazing results to the point that his Speech Therapist is giving him a break from his sessions! 

Since then, I started preparing specific combinations for my clients, complementing their coaching and healing sessions as a complete treatment of body, mind and spirit.

So, are you ready to start feeling more like yourself again and give these Miracle Drops a shot?

Book your Assessment Session, where we will:

* have a chat about how you are feeling;

* find out the real reason why you are feeling this way;

* draw a picture of how you'd like to feel in the next 3 weeks;

* craft the perfect combination for you to start feeling like yourself again.

How does that sound?

"That sounds exactly what I need, Patricia. How do I book my session?

Book your Assessment Session below for

$80 (value$105) and receive your complimentary bottle by mail

(if you live in the US).

After your payment, you will be directed to my Booking Page where you can pick a time for our online session, from the comfort of your house, at a time that works for you.

You will then receive an email from (patricia@innerpowermentor.com) with your session instructions.

I can't wait to see you live a more authentic and balanced life, where you become who you really are more and more every day!

In honor of this incredible gift that allows others to rediscover and honor who they truly are.

Many blessings to you,


Patricia Yiu