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I want...


Well, we all want something from our lives...

a new car,

a bigger house,

a more fulfilling job,

a loving relationship,

to be successful,

to become better people,

to quit a habit,


the list goes on and on.


But, what about the things you DESIRE?


You see, wanting and desiring something are two different things.


When you DESIRE something, it fires you up, it comes from the very core of your being.

It's what makes you jump out of bed in the morning and keeps you excited during the whole day.


Unfortunately, more often than not - especially in the beginning of a New Year - our desires - even the strongest ones - tend to fade away with time because...

it's too hard,

you keep on finding obstacles,

you find yourself losing motivation,

you get stuck,

you feel overwhelmed by the lack of clarity,

you are afraid to fail, 


And, you end by giving up on them and end by feeling even more frustrated and disappointed in yourself for not sticking up to your vision.


*  *  *


Did you know that February is next week already?!?!?🤭


🤔 Let me ask you:

How are those 2019 Resolutions coming along?

Are you on track to achieving them?

Or... are they lost somewhere in your brand new journal?


If you...


✅ want to change but, have no idea of where to start;

✅ are not clear of what you want;

✅ don't know what the next step is;




✅ have an idea of what you want but...

✅ no real plan;

✅ no clue what to do next;

✅ are finding it difficult to do it on your own;

✅ lose motivation easily when faced with a challenge;

✅ end by going back to the same old habits again;

✅ don't have anybody to keep you accountable


THEN... this is for you who would like to have your beautiful goals turn into...




A one-month Mastermind with 20 BADASS WOMEN who are really committed to turning their wishes into REALITY. IS THAT YOU?


Then, jump in and get:


✅ A practical PLAN to turn your wishes into things;


✅ 1 Live Q&A call a week so you can have your questions answered;


✅ 2 Energetic Alignments;


✅ 1 Plan for Success Call a week;


✅ Weekly SUPPORT so you can stay on track;


✅ Opportunity to Master the Law of Attraction to accelerate your manifestations;


✅ Opportunity to access The Akashic Records of your Business/Finances and remove any blocks that are keeping you stuck;


✅ An AWESOME community of like-minded people?


✅ CRYSTAL CLEAR steps towards your goal;


✅ Intuitive GUIDANCE to turn your ideas into manifestations;


✅ An ACCOUNTABILITY tribe who will lift you up on your rough days and celebrate your VICTORIES.


Does it sound too good to be true?


Give YOURSELF the chance to BLOW your own mind in 2019🤯







I'm Patricia Yiu.

I'm an Intuitive Life Coach and I've been helping women reconnect to their Spirituality, Intuition, and Inner Power so they start living more authentic lives, honoring their Purpose and becoming more of who they are.


Read more about my Journey here


And here is how I can help you have your Desires Manifested:

Send me an email here

if you have any questions!

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