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Emotional Baggage Release Session




The Emotional Baggage Release session works with connecting to your emotional and energetic bodies and, by using my own Technique, I am able to find those beliefs and emotions that are trapped in the body and release them so you are able to move forward.

Beliefs such as:


"I am not good enough"

"I don't deserve to happy/loved/abundant/successful"

"I am not safe/ the world is not safe, therefore it's hard for me to make changes and take risks"

"I am not loved/respected/admired."



These beliefs are just some of the most common ones that my clients are able to clear out in their sessions.

My unique gift is to be able to see what's holding you back, when that happened and what situation created those limiting beliefs and clear them out so, you experience a profound emotional and energetic relief that allows you to feel like a weight was removed from your shoulders and now, you are FREE!

My clients experience a deeper connection to themselves, feeling at peace and able to truly experience a deeper transformation during every session.

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*** How much does it cost?

    The 4-Package Session cost $540.



*** I'm afraid the session is not in agreement with my Religious beliefs. 

     The main reason for this session is for you to get realigned with your Soul's Purpose and to have more clarity on how to get your life on track again, coming from the perspective of your Spiritual Guides, no matter how you choose to call them. 

     Think of this experience as a friend that is floating over your life, having the full view of where you have been, where you are and where you are capable of going, does that make sense?



*** I can't wait to have my session! What do I do now?


   Make your payment below:



                                                    1 session - $150 ​

(if you decide to go ahead and do the 4-sessions within 30 days, this value will be credited to your balance of $540)

                                           4-session package - $540




     1. Follow the instructions on your confirmation email after your payment to schedule your first session.

     2. You will receive an email with your scheduled session. Please make sure you add that to your calendar so you don't miss your appointment.

Hey, I know that life happens, so if you need to cancel it, please do it no less than 24 hours in advance or your appointment will be CANCELLED.

     3. You will get a simple session agreement by email. Please sign it prior to our time together.

     4. Before your appointment, I will send you a Zoom Link for out meeting - please download Zoom prior beforehand here         



*** Do I need to get ready?

     Just make sure you are in a place where you won't be disturbed during our time together.

     I highly recommend the use of earbuds/headphones so we can have a clearer call.

     As our call will be recorded, you can relax and enjoy the ride and not worry about making notes. After your session is done, I will send you your recording so you can download it to your computer and listen to it as many times as you want.



*** What should I expect from my session?

     Every reading is different. From my own practice, I find that the more open you are to receive the messages that are coming, the more accepting you will become with the information you get and you will enjoy your session a lot more.

     Remember, I am only the messenger, in the trust that, not only you will receive exactly what you need but also, what is in the best interest of everybody involved for your own Spiritual Expansion and Alignment.



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In honor of this incredible gift that allows others to rediscover and honor who they truly are.

Many blessings to you,


Patricia Yiu