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          Let me ask you something:          


          Does worrying about money keep you up at night?


          You are trying to sleep and the anxiety about how you are gonna pay the bills is the only thing you think about.

          You look at the clock and it's 2:33 in the morning then, you get more anxious thinking that you need to be up at 6:00 and how you are gonna function with less than 5 hours of sleep.

          When you finally fall asleep and the alarm goes off, you hit the buzzer, only to have anxiety and worry be the first ones to greet you Good Morning and those never-ending thoughts eat your soul alive day in and day out.


          Or maybe you do have enough to pay the bills and live a comfortable life but, would like to have more choices, take more vacations, spend more quality time with your family and not to be tied to a tight budget?


          Imagine if you had the peace of mind to know that you are doing everything in your power to attract more Abundance and Prosperity in your life.

          What would that feel?

          Picture you feeling supported, safe and less anxious about your finances, having the Freedom to simply decide to do or buy something because it will make you or your loved ones happier?

Having the peace of mind that you are doing everything on your power to upgrade your money mindset, open the doors to infinite Prosperity possibilities while using powerful tools and Energetic Activations to change your Money Story that is keeping you from attracting and receiving everything that you desire.

            Well, all of that is possible.


          I'm Patricia Yiu. I am an Intuitive Healer, Certified Yoga Teacher, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Akashic Records Reader, Life Coach, and a Money, Abundance and Prosperity Master Activator.


          Read all about my story here 


         I'm a powerful Channeler, being able to receive clear instructions from Spirit in order to help other women realign with their life’s Purpose by living more connected lives and by honoring who they truly are.




          I will be your guide into this journey to:


          * Upgrade your beliefs and feelings about money in a physical and, most importantly, on a DNA level with the Energetic Activations;


          * Remove old, limiting beliefs that are holding you in the past or making you anxious about the future, while bringing a deeper connection to your Higher Self and Intuition so you can too, connect and trust your Intuition to guide you in the direction of Purposeful Prosperity; 


          * Begin to see money as your friend, learn to attract more of it, as well as new opportunities for your own financial expansion;


          * Change your Money Story (the one you learned from your parents and society: "money is evil, I'm not good with money, I don't deserve to be successful", etc.), and have a more positive relationship with money, increasing your self-worth by upgrading your mindset towards manifesting all that you desire;


          * Master a Powerful Tool to clear any financial blocks that you have been carrying around for generations;


          * Understand how money is Energy and how you can upgrade your frequency to match it and start attracting more of it;


          * Work with The Magic Man to provide what you require (this is The Law of Attraction on steroids).














   I get it, I was not comfortable talking about money either.

   That's EXACTLY why I've created this exclusive, safe space for 15 people only.

   I've got you. I promise.



          Mastermind Overview:



   Week 1:


In the first Multidimensional Money Activation, you will co-create with your personal Energy Field to build a new relationship with Universal Energy of money.

It's time to release old beliefs and emotions regarding the energy of money that no longer support who you are NOW!

From the core of your Being you will empower the new beliefs and emotions. Living in energetic awareness you will choose and express what is meaningful for you to live a Flourishing and Prosperous life!



   Week 2:


In this activation, Elevating the Energy of Money, our focus is to strengthen and amplify the most positive and uplifting collective energies of money. During the Channeled Inspiration and Insights energy session, we will use the Templates of Infinite Love, Compassion, Presence, and Wisdom.

These Templates of light and energy will generate a resonance of masterful coherence as we continue to elevate how we feel, sense, imagine and think about the energy of money.

Helpful hint: Be ready to also elevate how you feel, sense, imagine, and think about yourself!

This uplifting and enlightening activation supports us as we discover new ways to practice our mastery.



   Week 3:


In these activations of YOUR Universal Energy Exchange of Money you will review your developed and yet to be developed talents, skills, and abilities. Drawing from your “wisdom experiences” you will access more of who you are and what you now have to contribute to generating the universal energy exchange of money most meaningful to you.

In this Channeled Inspiration and Insights energy session, you may focus on the question “how I can be of service to others”?

You may also focus on the question “how can I help others help themselves”? You will have a clearer vision of how your personal energy can evolve to co-create a more secure and prosperous energy exchange on many levels of your life.

Prepare to become more of who you are in a most creative and rewarding way!



   Week 4 :


You will receive the Master or Manage Your Energy of Money Activation in this Channeled Inspiration and Insights energy session.

The focus of this session is all about you in a healthy, balanced, loving, relationship with the universal energy exchange of money and all it represents.

You will increase your understanding and ability to live your life wisely in an extraordinary balance of giving and receiving.

As you consciously build the life of your choice, giving and receiving from a state of peace filled empowerment is a significant part of your evolution.

Your perceptions and energy patterns in this new relationship with the energy of money are full of promise and … adventure!

Blessings of living life energetically aware.



           You will have access to:


* 4 weeks of Group Coaching;

* Weekly Energy Activations;

* Weekly Group Q&A Calls;

* Weekly Mindset Worksheets;

* Powerful Manifestation and Clearing Tools;

* Support throughout your Financial Journey;

* Accountability so you stay on track of your goals and progress;

* Secret Facebook Group;

* Ongoing Accountability;

* Like-minded, Caring Community.


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The Universal Energy of Money Activation Series Starts on April 7th!!!

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